Our Partners

We believe strong, long lasting partnerships lead to a more meaningful impact. With the support of our partners, we have completed small projects, furnished our school with the necessary equipment, and received generous financial support. We are both proud and humbled by the support of such incredible businesses, organizations, churches and foundations.

Meet Our Partners

Leiva's Coffee is a producer and micro-artisan roaster focusing on coffee with a purpose. Our mission is to eradicate poverty from coffee farmers one bean at the time by creating security, sustainability, and significance where there has never been any before.

Our school is housed at the Leiva’s Coffee farm house in Joconal. They are a key partner in continuing our work in Joconal. Learn more about them at leivascoffee.com

Little Rock, AR and Joconal, Guatemala

The mission of Lincoln Learning Solutions, a nonprofit organization, is to empower learning communities by providing them with products, strategies, and services aligned with proven educational practices.

They have partnered with us to provide our online classroom and have been an incredible support for our school. Learn more about them at lincolnlearningsolutions.org

Rochester, PA

Aroma Joe’s is more than a coffee company. Aroma Joe’s is in the business of fueling the modern world. We serve positive energy to the next generation of coffee drinkers. A generation that wants it to be personal, personalized, social and energetic. From the wide variety of great drinks that you can tailor to your tastes, to the people that deliver the experience, Aroma Joe’s is the local destination with independent attitude that energizes your day.

Learn more about them at aromajoes.com/

Portland, Maine

CAB School seeks to connect students to the tools that support lifelong learning and success.

Our partnership with CAB school ensures that our students have an accredited program and curriculum. Learn more about them at cabschool.edu.gt

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Arbor Zen Hardwood Floors strives to provide a unique experience when buying your hardwood floors. With every purchase of hardwood flooring Arbor Zen, we promises to plant 25 trees.

In order to support Leiva’s Coffee, Arbor Zen and Lan Vwa planted 500 coffee trees at the farm in Joconal on October 29, 2016. Learn more about them at arborzen.com

Black Mountain, NC

Target Corporate in Guatemala City has helped provide equipment for Lan Vwa’s school in Joconal Guatemala.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

The Gathering Church is a community driven, Christian Church in West Asheville, NC. They strive to gather people around Jesus and around one another.

They became facility partners in February 2017. Learn more about them at gatherasheville.org

Asheville, NC

Soma Gathering is a Christian community of faith taking root in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

They have been supporting Lan Vwa since 2015. Learn more about them at thesomagathering.org

Beaver Falls, PA

Partner With Us

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”

-Mother Teresa

More than ever, it is crucial to lock arms and work together. Everyone possesses potential to make a difference. We all have unique abilities, resources, and perspectives that are needed to affect change. If all of us do what we can, we will have a lasting impact for generations to come.


What it Takes


Monthly cost of tuition and school supplies for a student


Cost to host classes for 1 grade level


Provide facilities, qualified teachers, and expenses needed to educate a student for a month


Cost of tuition and school supplies for a student for 1 year.


Cost of equipment for a cyber project: microphone, speakers, laptop, and tv screen